Vernon healer

Symptoms of Inner Peace - You'll See it when you Believe It!

When you:

  • Think and Act Spontaneously
  • Have an Unmistakable Ability to Enjoy Each Moment
  • Have Frequent Attacks of Smiling
  • Lose Interest in Judging Others (address all with a title of respect)
  • Lose Interest to Interpret the Actions of Others
  • Lose Interest in Conflict - Stop Listening to the News, Tabloids or Start to Pass on Conflict
  • Lose the Ability to Worry. Acceptance of What is .... have control or do not have control.... So What!
  • Have Frequent and Overwhelming Episodes of Appreciation and Gratitude
  • Have Contented Feelings of Connectedness to Others and Nature
  • See Yourself as No Longer Separate - It is all about Energy - Spirituality Unites
  • Have Uncontrollable Urge to Extend Love
  • Have an Increased Acceptability to the Love Extended by Others